3 Ways To Get FREE Advertising In WELLZINE

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Wellness Adelaide
Adelaide skyline in watercolor background

Hopefully you’re one of the 2,000+ Wellness Adelaide subscribers that caught the launch issue of WELLZINE, the Wellness Adelaide digital magazine. In case you didn’t, click the link to check it out now …

As well as putting the digital magazine together, we’re working really hard behind the scenes to drive traffic to our website and social media pages to increase the WELLZINE subscriber base. Read on to learn how we can work together.

If you’re a local wellness business, a targeted full page advertisement in WELLZINE could be seen by a massive engaged and enthusiastic audience.

There are three ways that you can advertise for FREE in WELLZINE:

1 – Create a Complete Listing, paid either monthly or annually, in the Wellness Adelaide Business Directory and for as long as you have an active listing we’ll invite you to contribute features and advertisements in WELLZINE;

2 – email business@wellnessadelaide.com with your reciprocal advertising proposal, such as you post our ad on FB/Instagram, we’ll post yours; or post our ad image on your website, we’ll do the same with yours. Our online ad image is here;

3 – Promote the HECK out of Wellness Adelaide! We have a massive goal for this month – 10,000 followers on social media! To hit that figure we need YOU, the awesome local wellness community, to assist in promoting Wellness Adelaide relentlessly during the next few weeks. Many of you have 100’s or even 1,000’s of social media followers reacting to your online posts. Please encourage as many as you can, as often as you can, to follow Wellness Adelaide on Instagram or Facebook.  Why would you want to share your followers with us? Because if enough businesses do this we’ll create a MASSIVE network of local followers to whom we can deliver regular FREE copies of WELLZINE, packed with features and advertisements promoting YOUR businesses! Your followers are your existing fans. We want to work with you to find new fans!

Whenever you promote Wellness Adelaide, just tag us in the post to ensure you get FREE advertising in WELLZINE when we hit 10,000 followers.

And there’s a MEGA BONUS for the business that promotes Wellness Adelaide the most when we get to 10,000 followers – throughout March (or any other month that suits you) you get to ‘takeover’ the Wellness Adelaide Instagram and Facebook accounts, blog and that month’s issue of WELLZINE. Yep, you get to post, write and advertise WHATEVER YOU WANT to that massive crowd of eager followers. For free!

We’ve been blown away by the support and enthusiasm we’ve encountered since launching Wellness Adelaide in January. Drop us a line at business@wellnessadelaide.com if you want to discuss content we can share to help with promotion.

We’d love to meet this goal together. Let’s Do It!