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With the abundance of online yoga tutorials and even YouTube videos, more and more yogis are practicing at home in front of their laptops.

But there is still find incredible value in attending a class at a yoga Adelaide studio with a group. The traditional drop-in yoga class is still the best place to practice yoga. Doing yoga at home in front of a screen might be convenient, but is probably far less effective and could potentially lead to injury.

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Here are five reasons why you should keep taking yoga classes at your studio:

  1. Community

Yoga Adelaide studios are not just big rooms with hardwood floors, but hubs of personal and spiritual growth. By attending a class you’re joining a large and far reaching community of teachers, students and scholars. In addition to classes, most studios also offer workshops, retreats and trainings, all of which are meant more to bring people closer together more than anything else.

Unfortunately sitting at home alone, even doing the beautiful practice of yoga, fails to foster a sense of connection with others.

In Buddhism, the sangha, or community, is one of the three treasures that practitioners look toward for guidance and take refuge in during difficult times.

  1. Correction

Here’s the tricky thing about yoga: your body doesn’t want to have correct alignment. Your body wants to slump into a couch (and sometimes eat that entire bag of chips). As a result, practicing yoga alone can have the potential to put the body into a position more prone to injury, and also reinforce bad habits.

Unless you have a wall full of mirrors in your bedroom, chances are that an experienced teacher is necessary to correct any misalignment in the poses, for beginners and even advanced practitioners alike.

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  1. Insight

Whether it’s before, during or after class, students are invited to talk to the teacher and ask them questions, when in a studio setting. And although the yoga teacher at your local gym might not be a sage guru fresh off the ashram, they’re still a source of valuable knowledge and wisdom.

Wherever you need assistance,  your teacher is there to provide insight into the problem, or possible solutions to add to your practice.

The relationship you have with your yoga Adelaide teacher can build up and grow over many years.

  1. Focus

Unfortunately, it can be pretty easy to slack in your home yoga practice. There are certainly plenty of distractions! We wake up in the morning, roll out out the yoga mat and pop into a Downward Dog, only to notice our toenails need some trimming. But on the way to the bathroom for the nail clippers we notice that the cat has to be fed, and then our Instagram feed needs our immediate attention!

By removing the distractions of home and joining others in a dedicated space, your personal practice gets strengthened as well.

  1. Mindfulness

Practicing yoga with others can bring up an interesting challenge: self-judgement. When we lose our balance in Tree Pose while the person next to us barely breaks a sweat in a handstand, a lot of harsh judgement, comparisons and a desire to compete can come up.

Fortunately, these difficult moments provide the perfect time to practice mindfulness — the practice of approaching our present moment experience from a stance that is both nonjudgmental and nonreactive. It also entails accepting ourselves just as we are.

By letting go of the judgements that arise when we compare ourselves to others, we bring mindfulness and peace of mind into our daily lives.

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