7 Foundations Of Health

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Written by Glen Lomman – BPM Holistic Fitness

7 Foundations Of Health

Moving toward optimal health is not complicated. Keep it simple and don’t over think it!
These are 7 foundations you can build upon to create long lasting health.
Be consistent on building your strong foundations and your castle (body) will have the best chance of standing tall, even after the storm of life.

  1. Sleep– Circadian rhythm is the sleep wake cycle that our bodies operate on. Rise and fall with the sun (6am-10.30pm) or as close as you can. Remove circadian stressors such as artificial/blue lights (TV, mobile phones, computers), EMF producing devices (Wi-Fi, mobile phones, computers, Bluetooth emitting devices like Fitbits, headphones etc.). Sleep in darkness and leave a window open for fresh air if you can. In addition, the use of certain essential oils can also aid the quality of your sleep.
    2. Nutrition – Decrease toxic load on your body by sourcing high fibre, locally produced organic foods. Eat what is in season in your area to assure fresh and nutritious produce to nourish your body at a cellular level. Eliminate the 4 white devils (white flour, white sugar, table salt and dairy) and replace with colourful foods from a variety of sources!
    3. Hydration – Improve bodily functions by drinking plenty of real (natural) water. Work out how much you are currently drinking and aim for 33mls x body weight in kg per day. Even if you adjust by adding in 100mls more than your current intake per day, you will start to feel the difference quite quickly. Have locally sourced spring water and be thankful that it is giving you life and energy. Add a pinch of local sea salt or supplemental minerals to the water to revitalise the water and add in essential minerals.
    4. Thinking – Find your values mission and refine regularly to gain clarity around your life purpose. Focus on your chosen dreams and live at least 1-2 of your top 3 values each and every day. Continually work on yourself and invest in yourself to keep growing and applying what you learn in your life.
    5. Breathing – Practice deep diaphragmatic breathing daily. Start with 30 seconds and build up by at least 15 seconds each day. Do this until you are able to commit to the regular practice each day and to reap the most benefits it must be consistent. If you find yourself falling off the wagon again, try stepping it back a notch and taking it slow again.
    6. Movement – A minimum 30 mins of accumulated active movement daily. Use a combination of working out and working in methods to achieve the balance of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems for optimal performance. Focus on real life movement patterns (push, pull, twist, gait, squat, bend and lunge), not isolated movements. Treat everything you do in your daily life as a way to exercise and have fun.
    7. Community – Create or join in on community building activities. Friends, family and a community that challenges you as well as supports you, are very underrated for overall health, happiness and longevity in life. Make the most of it while you have the opportunity.

These are a few simple tips for you to incorporate into your life and work up to. If you can live each of these then you are building the best foundation possible to live a long, strong, happy & healthy life.

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