Clean Green Detox Water

Clean Green Detox Water

We all know we have to drink LOTS of water, right? But even if you love drinking water, glass after glass of pure water, day after day, can get a bit boring.

Have you tried adding nutrient-packed fruit, veg, herbs and spices to your water to aid in hydration and cleansing?

Right now I’m sipping on a Clean Green Detox Water and it is DELICIOUS!

Fill a large jug with filtered water and a few ice cubes if you’re drinking it immediately.

Add a few thin slices of kiwi, cucumber and green apple (such as Granny Smith).

I like to store a jug in the fridge overnight so it’s crisp and cold for the next day, but be aware that the apple slices may go a little brown at the edges. If you don’t want brown apple, just add it when you’re ready to┬ádrink.

Clean, refreshing and tasty …