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The latest members of the Wellness Adelaide community, infinite light Consulting.

Ingrid Proctor is a Spiritual Mentor. With the understanding of who you are as a spiritual being, how your body works, what it needs and how to fuel it, you will find that your physical health improves. This leads to a flow on effect transforming your mental, emotional health and of course your spiritual wellness and growth. Promoting clear and logical thinking on any issue that may be causing stagnation or stress.
Without these blockages taking energy and holding you back, you will be more easily able to connect with your higher self, access your intuition and feel more at ease in all areas of your life.

Using a wide range of modalities, Ingrid individually tailors each session to your unique circumstances.
Modalities included – Ascended Master Healing, Liquid Crystals, Esoteric Acupuncture, Channelling and Distant Healing available.

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