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Food, like all things in life, provides an opportunity to further develop our emotional intelligence and to encourage us to step into our fullest potential. It has the power to exponentially improve our health, mindset and lifestyle or to destroy it over time. Nutritional is a highly personal topic that elicits strong emotions and can lead people to feel guilt, shame and everything in between.

With so much nutritional information at our fingertips, it is rarely a case of a lack of information that causes so many to struggle with their nutritional health. It has become more and more apparent throughout my career, that it is not a matter of what to eat as much as it is a matter of how to stick to healthy habits. Societies disordered relationship with food is largely a psychological struggle.

When properly understood our nutritional habits serve as a feedback loop to push us onto a path of self-reflection and discovery. The issue is that we were never taught to consider the psychology behind why we eat certain foods and what our nutritional habits may be trying to teach us. Instead we are encouraged to restrict ourselves, which in the long run can only lead to an even more disordered relationship with food and dieting.

The key to a healthy relationship with food is self-awareness. When we get clear on what fulfils us most in life and choose to actively live that, over time, our nutritional habits become conducive with a high energy, healthy and holistic approach to continue to fuel the lifestyle we love.

Wellness Adelaide

When we are living out of alignment with our highest values, mission and purpose we are more prone to emotional eating, binging and disordered nutritional habits to push us back onto our path.

When we opt to restrict our food choices without identifying the recurring mental and emotional pattern, we simply replace one issue with another; a pattern that we are destined to live out until we bring awareness to the root cause of the problem.

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When we change the way we think about food, we create the space to change the behaviour. Nutrition starts with emotion and when we associate the foods we love with guilt, shame and disempowering emotional charges we are only looping the pattern.

The key is not to focus on changing our diet but rather to focus on understanding how it serves us. Our nutritional challenges are never the problem, but instead the catalyst to the solution and our ultimate opportunity for growth.

To learn more about nutritional psychology, join Briana at her upcoming ‘Intuitive Eating’ event on February 25th at Raw&More Cafe, Findon.
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Briana Bowley is a Human Potential Coach, Speaker and Writer who is driven to educate and empower individuals into leading a more fulfilling, purposeful and adventurous life.

Briana runs a location-free coaching and consulting business supporting athletes, business-owners and the world’s go-getters in achieving their wildest dreams!

With her vast, comprehensive knowledge of the mind-body connection, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, Briana aims to inspire others to consider the possibilities of what is possible in their own lives and to take action and ownership of the infinite power within!