Liquid Crystals – Rocking Your World From The Inside Out

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Submitted by Ingrid Proctor – Infinite Light Consulting

For those of you who are toying with the idea of seeking out apractitioner, there are many healing modalities out there that can and will assist you on your journey. A plethora of options to consider, recommendations and referrals from friends who ‘know’ someone.
Depending on your need, it is so important that you consider carefully the modality and practitioner that best suits you. As a Practitioner working with a variety of modalities, the art of choosing the right modality in your healing ‘tool box’ can be the greatest gift you
can give your client who is seeking guidance.

The Liquid Crystals (TLC) is one such modality that works as a vibrational energy tool individually tailored to you and your circumstances. Created and channeled by Justin Moikeha Asar via The Pleiadian Light Technologies, the light of the liquid crystals can
take you to the next level of your journey and beyond if you choose. This Ancient modality is very much a gift to humanity. The liquid crystals embody both sacred geometry, universal energy and Master Devas to create this amazing method of energy healing that is designed to work within our own crystalline structure. The fact that we are
already made up of close to 75% water, water which has the ability to hold geometric structure (as proven by the late Masaru Emoted). This allows TLC to enter our bodies with the same intensity as the physical crystal in the most perfect way and with ease.

As a vibrational medicine, TLC works on our spiritual, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, whilst allowing our own individual story to unfold in a powerful way and once more aligning us with God. Through the words we express without realizing, we are already speaking the language of the crystals every day. This is especially
true in times when we are experiencing internal conflict, dramatic change, physical pain, lack of purpose, stress and anxiety to name just a few.

Through the Liquid Crystals we continue our own journey. We reclaim our fragments of self that we have scattered throughout the universe, by fearlessly entering our unlimited potential, empowering our every step along the way returning us once again to oneness.

Come and experience the beauty that lies within you through The Liquid

Ingrid is a writer and practitioner who has a passion for the Old Testament, Gnostic Teachings, Sacred Geometry, Crystals and all things not of this world. Lending a guiding hand to those who choose to reclaim their place in the world.