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Wellness Adelaide is your local online resource for balancing body, mind and spirit. But wouldn’t it be amazing to have a special space of your own to do just that, every day? A spot that’s devoted to peace, tranquility and your emotional well-being and allows you to escape the daily stresses of life and connect with a higher power? A meditation space will give you a place to do exactly this.

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Here in South Australia many of us are blessed with spacious homes or land, and even those of us that don’t have the living space generally have relatively easy access to the coast, hills or parkland.

Creating a space for daily meditation; a space that provides you with the opportunity to recharge your body both physically and mentally, and keep you balanced is an easy, low-cost way to improve your own wellbeing. The benefits of meditation show that it has a rich healing, transformative power like no other. Some studies have shown that meditation actually has the power to change the way our brains work.

While there are no specific sets of rules that need to be followed when creating a meditation room, there are some things you should take into consideration. Take some inspiration from the following ten ways to create your own mediation room, but most importantly, follow your mind and heart, only putting in elements you love—elements that create a personal feeling of zen-like bliss.

1) Choose a Feel-Good Space

Consider a room or outside space in your home that makes you feel good. This means a space that, when you walk into it, makes you smile. In addition, you want it to be a quiet space, and definitely a a place with a limited amount of traffic.

When choosing the space, pay attention to the lighting as well. For instance, a space with  lots of natural light will instantly enhance your mood. Maybe choose a space that faces the sun for the time of day you plan to meditate. Or better yet, a place that has a view of our beautiful South Australian sunsets — now that would be a fantastic way to begin meditation!

If you cannot find a an indoor room, benefit from our beautiful outdoor areas instead. This might be your patio, your deck, or even your floral garden. You want a place that allows you to relax your mind and your body, without being distracting.

2) Clean & Uncluttered

Speaking of distractions, there is nothing more distracting than a cluttered area, especially when you are trying to relax.Try to make sure the space is as “minimalist” as possible by removing as many distractions and stimulants as you can..

For example, don’t try setting up a meditation room in an office. There is too much going on in the space with a desk, papers, filing cabinets – not to mention the stressful thoughts that come with what’s in an office – work, bills, etc.The whole point is you need to be removing yourself and your mind from these distractions.

Consider emptying out the room to contain only a few elements. A few basic recommendations include a small table, a candle or plant, a yoga mat, a throw rug, and a pillow for meditation.

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3) Bring Nature Into Your Meditation Room

Nature is organically relaxing and healing, so it makes perfect sense that you bring some natural elements into the room where you want to relax and meditate.After all, mediation is all about connecting yourself – mind and body – with nature and your surroundings. While it would be ideal to meditate outside in a calming, natural environment, it is not always possible if you live in a busy urban environment, so you may need to bring the outdoors in!

Consider adding touches of nature to your meditation room— it will instantly become infused with harmony and balance. You can choose any natural elements you prefer. This could be a plant (jasmine infuses the room with a wonderful, calming fragrance), a vase of cut flowers, jars filled with sand and seashells, or even a small water fountain. Think of  the design elements at your favourite day spa.

In fact, the sound of moving water is a preference for every mediation space.  If you can’t meditate on the beach,immersed in the relaxing sounds of the ocean, at least a small, indoor waterfall will offer similar soothing sounds (and will drown out the sounds of the bustling city outside your doors). At a pinch, you could always try playing a recording of moving water – but beware of having technology in the room.

4) Play Meditative Music

Although not a necessary element, music can be very relaxing for many individuals. This is particularly beneficial for those who live in a busy city area, where the sounds of traffic, trains, and sirens are constantly coming through the walls.

The meditative music, although quietly played in the background, can help drown out all the other distractions within the home, allowing you to gain a tranquil and peaceful state while meditating—similar to the sound of the water fountain.

When it comes time to choose the music, it is recommended that you choose music without lyrics. It does not necessarily have to be classical music, but any sounds you find soothing, such as ocean sounds, birds chirping, or the whistling sounds of the wind. Make sure the tracks are long enough to continue playing through your entire mediation session, and consider putting the sounds on repeat to avoid interruption. A wireless speaker is also recommended so you can stream music inside your space and keep the rest of the flashing lights and screens of technology outside, without the distraction of scrolling through playlists every few minutes. Avoid the temptation to be a meditation DJ!

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5) Aromatherapy

Another element to consider in your mediation room is aromatherapy. The use of essential oils from plants, such as lavender, chamomile and peppermint, can really soothe the soul, the mind, and the body.

From burning candles and incense  to heating oils or fragrance diffusers, you can receive the benefits of aromatherapy while meditating. Not only does aromatherapy help you relax, but it also provides other benefits. This form of therapy is gaining momentum and is on its way to becoming a mainstream healing aide that is believed to stimulate brain function.

There has also been evidence to show it boosts the immune system, relieves muscle pain, and reduces or eliminates stress – and of course you will fill your home with a wonderful relaxing fragrance. These are all great reasons why you should include aromatherapy in your meditation room.

The five tips we’ve shared so far should get you well on the way to creating a soothing and relaxing space in your environment. The remainder of this feature, including tips on personalising your space with colours, fresh air, lighting and technology will be published in the forthcoming issue of WELLZINE – click here to get your FREE copy.

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