Meditation Adelaide – What’s Your Morning Routine?

Meditation Adelaide

Meditation Adelaide

Adelaide’s own Kayla Itsines was recently featured discussing her morning routine on Wellness Adelaide also asked some of our awesome local wellness to tell us about their morning routines | Meditation Adelaide 

Kayla Itsines
Global fitness superstar, Instagram celebrity, and author of The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Guide

I wake up every morning at 5:30 a.m. and immediately switch on my light to wake me up—if I don’t, I’ll snooze all morning. Once I’m awake I’ll grab my phone and check everything out for about 15 minutes. A lot of of people don’t think I do my own social media, but I do! And I’ll spend those first few minutes scrolling through everything I missed overnight. I go through my tagged photos and, now that I can bookmark photos—love that new feature—I’ll bookmark my favorites and the ones I want to post later, so I can remember.

I recently got a treadmill at home so my new thing is to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. In Australia, I’ll set the speed to 6, but I just recently learned that in America that’s equivalent to a 4—the hard way—I just set it to a brisk walk. I sort of feel nauseous in the morning if I do my normal workout, so I usually wait until the early afternoon—around 2 p.m. After I get off the treadmill, I hop in the shower and get ready for work—I still have a bunch of clients that I train at my gym.

After work, I’ll come home and eat breakfast. I have the same exact breakfast every single day—boring, but I love it. I have two pieces of toast, two scrambled eggs with sumac spice and kale, an espresso shot, and a cup of green tea. I also make sure to visit my grandma at some point every day. She makes coffee every single day at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.—if I miss it by even five minutes, she’ll say, “Sorry, better luck next time.”

To help me calm down, I recently downloaded Headspace—especially when I’m traveling and something feels overwhelming or if I’m feeling carsick, I’ll just turn on the SOS meditation to relax. I was recently in Bali, and the traffic was so crazy, and I just closed my eyes and totally Zen-ed out. It was the perfect little me-time.

Here’s what our local wellness experts told us about their morning routines recently – Meditation Adelaide

Meditation Adelaide

Meditation Adelaide at Wellness Adelaide Business Directory

Glen Lomman – BPM Holistic Wellness I wake up, drink lots of water with added lemon juice, minerals and either MCT oil or coconut oil. I then do breathing exercises and either a HIIT workout or mobility exercises.

Bianca Bohlin – Cordeka Essentials Whilst it isn’t easy to maintain, I feel much better if I can motivate myself to exercise first thing in the morning.  As my day is full on with kids and work etc I find if I make the time in the morning I am energised for the day and don’t make excuses later in the day when I am too tired or busy to find the time.

Brad and Carlie Two Wolves-One Body Brad: I’m not sure I’d call it a routine, life seems fairly hectic, but there’s some things I think really help me on a few levels. The one thing I always do is start the morning with a coconut oil and ghee fuelled coffee. It’s the poor mans Bulletproof coffee, (for those that haven’t heard of it, check out David Asprey and Bulletproof Coffee). I always try to meditate least 3 or 4 times a week, if not daily, and get to the gym, or some outdoor exercise a few times a week.

Carlie: Its extensive and often varied! Ha ha … It involves coffee enemas, meditation/breath work, essential oil drinks, stretching ..but mostly, “bulletproof” coffee, grapefruit and eggs from our chooks!

Meditation Adelaide at Wellness Adelaide Business Directory

Matt Heavyside – Physio Smart SA I start the day with healthy delicious food, it’s often natural yoghurt with granola, nuts and berries. Throughout the day I always ensure my body, joints and spine reach all of their movement potential through functional exercise. I will touch my toes, hip hinge, y-balance, deep squat and back bend everyday. Remember that 90% of blood flow to the brain is stimulated by spinal movement.

Monique Leverington – Synergy Yoga and Pilates I wake up every  morning and practice being mindful, stretch and move my body and bring the intention of mindfulness into my day as well as my classes. Being mindful helps me to understand ‘why I react’ and be curious as to old habits, old thoughts, old behaviours that I have held onto. I love to bring attention and awareness to my breathing body everyday..numerous times a day to connect to MY I can get out of my busy head.

Almost everybody we’ve spoken to in the local wellness community has some sort of a morning routine and, although there are some variations, the common threads are nutrition, meditation, mindfulness and movement. 

What’s your morning routine? Email us at and we’ll publish the best responses …

Meditation Adelaide at Wellness Adelaide Business Directory