The Quantum Mirror

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By Briana Bowley – The Live Free Movement

The Quantum Mirror – Mindfulness Adelaide

Consider this; all of life is a mirror and reality itself, is merely a reflection of the combination of your perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions.

As the line between science and spirituality slowly blurs the once disregarded beliefs of spirituality are slowly coming to light as viable. The concept of our personal vibration manifesting and attracting the circumstances, events and experiences of the world around us, was once deemed as new age spirituality BS, however it is now being scientifically proven as factual. The best science of the 21st century now concludes that we are deeply connected to both our bodies and the world around us through our thoughts and emotions.

Science now tells us that our emotional states signal the chemistry in our brain to release that chemistry into our bodies, in order to regulate our physical body. This means that our physical body is essentially made up of the combined chemistry of our thought processes and emotional states.

Quantum Physics also shows us that everything is energy, so at the most basic level our entire physical body is pure energy. However, the energy does not stop at our skin. It is not limited by the boundaries of our physical body. Our energetic vibration expands from within and beyond the body. Physicists now know that we are energy connected to the energy of the world. We are connected, not only to one another, but also connected to the world around us in a deeper way than we ever thought possible.

Wellness Adelaide

With this understanding of Quantum science we can begin to understand that all that occurs within our reality is something that was previously asked for in one way or another, whether consciously or unconsciously. We have the ability to choose and shape what appears in our world based upon the mental and emotional perceptions we hold. Consider the power that you harbour with the ongoing opportunity to shift and shape your external world through small, simple shifts in your internal world.

With the understanding that our physical world is created through our energetic frequency, we hold a responsibility. Being the masters of our destiny, we must realise that everything that plays out in our life, whether for better or for worse, ultimately is created due to one thing: You. When you hold the power of shifting your thoughts, feelings and perceptions to create the reality you desire, you remove the ability to play the victim, to blame. You remove the need to continuously look outside of yourself to fix anything or to gain insight, because it all comes back to one thing and that is yourself.

When we recognise that our currently reality; career, health, relationships, finances, mindset, all begin and end with the individual’s internal world, nothing is impossible. Transformation of your life is an inside job. That is the ultimate responsibility. That is the ultimate power. That is the ultimate discipline. That is the ultimate freedom.

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Submitted by Briana Bowley – The Live Free Movement