Wellness Adelaide Launched January 2017


We’re in full-on launch mode during January 2017 – here are some of the things we’re working on:

  • Wellness Adelaide Business Directory – this is your go-to resource for finding a wellness business in Adelaide. We’re currently adding over 1,100 local businesses covering everything from Acupuncture to Yoga. Please let us know if there’s a business you’d like to see listed (including your own) and we’ll get them set up straight away. If it’s in a category starting with the letter Z we’ll be extra-grateful! You can contact us at business@wellnessadelaide.com. NEWS – our current Featured Business is Grow Free
  • WELLZINE – we’re planning a FREE regular Wellness Adelaide digital magazine full of content, features and information from respected local wellness advocates and businesses that we’ll send straight to your email when you subscribe. What better way to dip into the knowledge and expertise of the awesome local wellness community? Subscribe now to ensure you don’t miss out on the launch issue!
  • Wellness Adelaide Events Calendar – if you are are hosting a wellness event in Adelaide or surrounding areas, let us know at info@wellnessadelaide.com and we’ll put it in the Wellness Adelaide Upcoming Events page and also share it across our social media pages.
  • Wellness Adelaide Social Media – speaking of social media, are you following Wellness Adelaide on Facebook and Instagram? If not, get aboard now as we’re regularly launching competitions and giveaways and sharing content across both platforms.
  • Wellness Adelaide Blog – we’re regularly publishing blog posts with news, articles, recipes, re-posts and lots more. Fancy yourself as a writer? Email us at info@wellnessadelaide.com if you’re interested in submitting content for the Wellness Adelaide Blog – we’d be delighted to consider guest posts on anything wellness-related. We don’t mind if you’re promoting a business either …

So the main thing to remember a the moment is that we are a work in progress and you really should SUBSCRIBE , or at least keep coming back, so you don’t miss out on the daily developments of Wellness Adelaide. In the meantime, here’s a ….

FREE DOWNLOAD – DAILY WELLNESS PLANNER (‘cos we love it when a plan comes together)

What is Wellness?

Wellness is maximum health potential. It is a holistic philosophy and active lifestyle that doesn’t wait for something to go wrong before you do something about it. We tend to view someone who shows no signs or symptoms of health problems as healthy. Wellness goes beyond the absence of symptoms and works toward achieving maximum potential and prevention of health problems.

WELLNESS ADELAIDE includes South Australia’s most comprehensive directory of wellness businesses and resources.

Subscribe to WELLZINE,  the  FREE Wellness Adelaide digital magazine, jam-packed with exclusive features, articles and events from your awesome local wellness community.