WELLZINE Issue Two – Preview

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WELLZINE Issue Two will be published soon and it’s going to be even bigger and better than our launch issue!

Here are some previews of the features in WELLZINE Issue Two …

Intuitive Eating by Briana Bowley – The Live Free Movement

Food, like all things in life, provides an opportunity to further develop our emotional intelligence and to encourage us to step into our fullest potential. It has the power to exponentially improve our health, mindset and lifestyle or to destroy it over time. Nutrition is a highly personal topic that elicits strong emotions and can lead people to feel guilt, shame and everything in between… Read more in WELLZINE Issue Two

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Cake by Sweet Evolution

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Cake

You will not believe how delicious a healthy treat can be until you taste this amazing cake from the ladies at Sweet Evolution. For more mouthwatering pics and full recipe and method … Read more in WELLZINE Issue Two

How To Take Control Of Your Body & Manage Stress Again by Glen Lomman – BPM Holistic Wellness

Are you still feeling stressed out or run down after the Christmas and new year period?Have you fallen off your new year’s resolution? Are you looking to take control of your own body and mind in 2017? I want to share with you 3 simple tips to take control of your body and manage your stress … Read more in WELLZINE Issue Two

Stress And Your Hormones by Jacqui Watts – Success And Wellbeing

Have you ever stopped and wondered what this rollercoaster lifestyle is doing to us? When I talk to women in clinic about their stress levels and how they are coping many women tell me they are “fine”. As we delve deeper into their health it becomes clear to me that there is no way that their stress levels are “fine”, even if they feel that way… Read more in WELLZINE Issue Two

Protect Your Liver This Mad March by Kasey Willson – Naturopath And Nutritionist

It’s that time of year where your calendar is full with social outings.  The Adelaide Fringe, WOMAD and Clipsal blend into one big party and often feature an abundance of alcoholic beverages.  March is a time to get out and explore what Adelaide has to offer and this may mean letting your hair down just a little too far and consequently upsetting your liver health… Read more in WELLZINE Issue Two

We’ve got loads more to feature as well with articles from more local wellness experts and a ton of interesting and informative editorial content. Be sure to get your copy of WELLZINE Issue Two here …


The Wellness Adelaide Team