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Monique Leverington of Synergy Yoga and Pilates contributed a fascinating article to the launch issue of WELLZINE. The life of a teacher in Yoga Adelaide


Many people ask what is it like to be a Yoga Teacher?

The answer is complex

For me being a yoga teacher and a studio owner is not just a career choice it is a life choice. In Sanskrit we call this ‘Dharma’, or in Pali (Bhuddism) it is referred to as ‘Dhamma’. Each Interpretation is quite complex. Coming from the ancient religions of India and is found in Hindu and Jain teachings as well as Buddhist.

The original meaning and or definition is almost impossible to define, however it is akin to something like ‘natural law” to uphold or to support the natural order of the universe and perhaps the teachings and practices that enable the realisation of our true and essential nature.  I really like this description however, it rings true for me

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“Our Dharma is our true place, in time, space, in awareness, in thought, in deed and desire. The eternal principle of Dharma determines harmonious functions of life as we know it. We ought to do the right thing at the right time in the right way and for the right reason. By this we can maintain balance and equilibrium, equanimity. To establish balance within ourselves ensures our own welfare and the welfare of society.  Each of us can relate to this from a deep and rooted place that we know is inside of each of our true self. There is a purpose and function for each of us (not from an ego or materialistic bases, but something much more profound).

The study of Yoga is varied and vast, there is anatomy, philosophy, sciences, mantra’s, new research mixed with old knowledge. A yoga teacher is a continuous student, as we are in life. We never will know everything, to think so would me idleness. Being Curious is the answer to understanding more about self and about the way we exist and show up in our daily lives.

I have found that yoga adelaide has given me so much. Not just the physical aspect of good health and wellbeing but emotional intelligence, emotional well-being and insight into being less reactive and more responsible, more MINDFUL not just for myself but for all those around me. It is after all my responsibility as a human being to become ‘better’ at BEING HUMAN. If I can become better at this then this has an effect not only on me but for others around me as well.

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