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rasa massage
rasa massage
Allison Street, Ascot Park
0421 915 946

rasa massage | Massage Adelaide
relax your way to exceptional health

experience blissful, nurturing deep relaxation massage + bodywork
for stress management, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia and other ongoing conditions.

if you need …
time out … relaxation … a break … nurturing … space to heal … an escape … space to think …
then this is the place …

based in Ascot Park, Adelaide for women only

Carolyn is a deep relaxation massage therapist.
She helps women at the various stages of their lives to:
– really appreciate and love themselves and their bodies
– become more at ease in their bodies through massage
– enhance their vitality, improve overall health & balance, and reduce stress
– ultimately feel blissful, relaxed and ready to face their challenges with positivity and peace.

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