infinite-light Consulting

infinite-light Consulting
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Ingrid is a Spiritual Mentor and Light Body Activator, opening within soul’s great memory banks of Universal lives and Galaxies.  Each individual begins the journey as if awakening from a deep sleep, to create their highest form of their individual God selves.  Bringing Universal Law and Truth into light.  As above, so below.

With a love of sacred geometry, history of the Old Testament, The Book of Enoch, Gnostic Teachings, the Elohim – the Science of Creation, combined with the teachings of Alice Bailey, Aurelia Louise Jones and The Great White Brotherhood, Ingrid’s focus is very much the parts of the ‘Self’ that lay hidden.  To assist souls to merge with the deepest aspects of ‘Self’ from the inside out.  To challenge their own boundaries of beliefs while reconnecting with their individual Divine Blueprint.

Services available – Ascended Master Healing, Advanced Liquid Crystals, Reiki Lvl 2, Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Esoteric Acupuncture, Channelling and Distant Healing available.

Using a wide range of modalities intertwined, Ingrid individually tailors each session to your unique circumstances.

Sessions range from 60 mins to 75 mins

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